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To continue with our gallery update, today I’ve uploaded over 360 HQ pictures of Juliette from events and awards she attended back in 2014 while promoting Kelly & Cal and the awards season for August: Osage County.

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Juliette To Join James Franco’s “Future Relic”

Showbiz411 – Juliette Lewis, Ethan Suplee, Lukas Haas and Ronald Gutman will join James Franco in a feature film version of “Future Relic.” This is an expansion of a nine minute short film called “Future Relic,” written and directed by multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham. Producer is Courtney Andrealis.

In the film, which may or may have dialogue, the Earth’s climate in the near future has become dangerously unstable. Scientists attempt to save the world from imminent destruction with an experiment that works temporarily. Earth is saved, but the world becomes an increasingly inhospitable place for humans after elements of the experiment backfire.

Watch the short film below:

How ‘Secrets and Lies’ is different from ‘Broadchurch’

Nuanced murder mystery series have become very popular in recent years, begging the question how ABC’s new drama Secrets and Lies will differentiate itself from the crowd.

EW – In all seriousness, executive producer Barbie Kligman said she initially didn’t watch Gracepoint until this recent Christmas break “because I didn’t want to inadvertently steal anything,” she said, later noting that Lies‘ story is much more about the suspect than the victim. “Gracepoint and Broadchurch are more traditional in terms of being many points of view, and going on the journey with the two detectives who are solving the case of the murdered boy. Our show is a singular point of view, and for season one, it’s our prime suspect. Ours is a character drama with an underlying mystery.”

However, much like Gracepoint and Broadchurch—rather than the first year of The Killing—Secrets and Lies will reveal the identity of the killer by season’s end. “Hopefully in subsequent seasons, we’ll have a different mystery,” she said. “The only ongoing mystery is Detective Cornell as we unreel the layers of who she is.”

‘Secrets and Lies’ Promotional Images

Entertainment Weekly published today an exclusive poster for Secrets and Lies, featuring Ryan Phillipe and Juliette Lewis. On the show, Ryan plays Ben Crawford, a regular guy who finds the body of a neighborhood child during his morning run. By the end of the day, he’s somehow become the police’s number one suspect for the crime. Co-starring Juliette as the straight-laced detective determined to get to the bottom of the child’s death, the show is set for a 10-episode run starting on March 1; the end of season one will wrap up Ben’s storyline and reveal the young boy’s murderer.

On the article, Ryan talks about Juliette – the only one who could carry through to another season (Ryan did a 10 episodes commitment only):

It’s so far from anything [she’s done], it’s really interesting. I want this to succeed for her.

As for fans of the Australian series: Phillippe is confident that the show’s American team captured the “core and the spirit” of the original—but much as the English version of The Office and the American version of The Office are very different shows, the same caveat applies here. He will say, though, that the two do not share “the same ending.”

Secrets and Lies debuts Sunday, March 1 at 9 p.m. on ABC. To read the full article, you can go to EW website.

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We’re back!

After a long time without updates, Versatile: Juliette Lewis is back, and just in time for the coming soon premiere of Secrets & Lies, next March 1 on ABC.

There’s a lot to do, and to start I decided to setup a new gallery and move everything we had to it. From now on, all updates will be made in the new gallery (but the older one still can be accessed). Also, a new layout was mandatory, as you can see.

Bare with me while we catch up on everything that’s missing – and there’s quite a lot. And be sure to follow our twitter account, at @VersatileJL.

Juliette is back to TV!

Juliette Lewis is returning to TV, booking the starring role in ABC’s drama Secrets & Lies.

The actress, who most recently co-starred in NBC’s The Firm reboot, will play a detective in the network’s adaptation of the Australian series starring Martin Henderson.

The drama, which has a series commitment attached, centers on a patriarch (Ryan Phillippe) who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a young boy when he finds the body.

Lewis will play Andrea Cornell, the unflappable, somewhat formidable detective conducting the investigation into the slaying of 4-year-old Tom Mullen who has her sights set on Ben (Phillippe), the loving father who found the boy’s body. The character is further described as incredibly professional, hard to read, intentionally odd with a disconcerting calm who is often, if not always, the smartest person in the room.