Bloom & Lewis to debut new band onstage on Thursday

Orlando Bloom and actress-turned-punk rocker Juliette Lewis are to debut their new movie band at an afternoon concert in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The stars hope to pack The Palace venue with fans while they record a gig scene for their forthcoming film Sympathy for Delicious, which is being directed by actor Mark Ruffalo.

Select fans who show up for the free gig will be given lines and some may actually appear with speaking roles in the movie.

Source: Yahoo News

Delicious on the Set

Thoroughly enjoying her latest film project, Juliette Lewis was spotted clowning around on the Los Angeles set of “Sympathy for Delicious” yesterday (January 27).

The 35-year-old actress looked a bit sketchy in her wardrobe, sporting a pink tank top, black and orange printed scarf, denim cutoffs, black stockings and black leather boots.

Joining Miss Lewis on the set were costars Orlando Bloom and Christopher Thornton and director Mark Ruffalo, all appearing to be having a marvelous time as they worked.

“Sympathy for Delicious” is about a newly paralyzed deejay who gets more than he bargained for when he seeks out the world of faith healing.