“Whip It” poster released

Be your own hero. Fox Searchlight has debuted the poster for Whip It today on MTV, which is the roller derby movie starring Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, Kristen Wiig, Zoe Bell, and Juliette Lewis.

In Bodeen, Texas, the indie-rock loving Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page) finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery after she discovers a roller derby league in Austin and tries to join as Babe Ruthless. Whip It!, which is not about that Devo song, is the feature directing debut of actor Drew Barrymore. The screenplay was written by Shauna Cross, of only Taking 5 previously. Cross also wrote the book that this is based on and plays roller derby as well. Fox Searchlight is bringing Whip It! to theaters on October 9th.

If you haven’t seen the Whip It trailer yet, you can watch it now:

Screencaptures were added to the gallery:

Whip It (2009): Trailer Screencaptures

Pre-Order “Terra Incognita”!

The Album, Terra Incognita, is due for release on 31st August, but is now available to pre-order at:



  1. Romeo
  2. All Is For God
  3. Ghosts
  4. Fantasy Bar
  5. Hard Lovin’ Woman
  6. Terra Incognita
  7. Uh Huh
  8. Female Persecution
  9. Junkyard Heart
  10. Intro
  11. Noche Sin Fin
  12. Suicide Dive Bombers

Juliette Lewis Wants to Play Patti Smith!


On a sweltering summer evening at New York’s Central Park SummerStage, actress turned musician Juliette Lewis bounces onto the stage dripping in multicolored sequins and issues a strict order: “I’m going to give you energy, you’re going to give some back, and then we’re going to double it, triple it!”

The star of Natural Born Killers and Cape Fear (which earned her an Oscar nomination) seems to approach music with the same fearlessness she brings to the screen, unleashing stage performances that are raw, kinetic, frenzied, possessed. She currently shares a touring bill with Cat Power and The Pretenders, and opens each show by riling up the audience, even if it takes jumping into the crowd or taunting the quiet ones in the bleachers. In contrast to the long line of famous Hollywood actors who have tackled music careers only to end up limping away in humiliated defeat, Ms. Lewis has been going strong for six years—touring relentlessly during that time—and she fully intends to stay. Continue Reading →