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Juliette Lewis was lucky to escape a hit-and-run crash in California with minor injuries, according to police. The Cape Fear actress and singer was in the back of her car when a driver went through a red light and smashed into the vehicle. The damage caused was enough to see the car written off.

Lewis has since been discharged from hospital following complaints of pain in her head, back and neck.

Her spokesman described Lewis as being a “bit banged-up and sore, but otherwise thankfully OK”.

Police are still searching for the other driver.

Lewis was on her way home after promoting her forthcoming movie Conviction at an event.


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Soon, in the next following days I will catch up with the rest of the 2010 events.

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Actress/singer Juliette Lewis has thanked her fans for their love and support as she recovers at home from a hit-and-run accident in California on Wednesday night.

The “Natural Born Killers” star was traveling home from a promotional event for her new film “Conviction” when a Honda slammed into the side of her Lincoln Town Car at an intersection in Burbank.

She was admitted to a nearby medical center where she was treated for minor injuries and discharged hours later.

A friend took to the star’s Twitter page on Thursday to reassure anxious fans that the actress is okay following the accident.

The post states, “I’m speaking on Juliette’s behalf. She thanks you for all the love and well wishes. She’s okay, resting at home. Thank you for the love!”

Cops have launched an investigation into the hit-and-run after the driver of the Honda sped off after the incident.


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Jennifer Aniston may not have the best luck when it comes to finding Mr. Right, but her co-star in the upcoming comedy “The Switch”, Juliette Lewis, seems to think the 41-year-old starlet is pretty close to perfect.

“Jen was simply a piece of heaven,” Lewis recently told Pop Tarts while stripping down to her underwear and busily trying on the new Fall/winter 2010 collection at the G-Star Raw showroom in Los Angeles. “Just a real girls’ girl – really down to earth, funny and absolutely wonderful. I play her best friend and I am kind of daffy, but we just had a natural affinity for each other.” But Aniston’s not Lewis’ only co-star with whom she remains friendly. She opened up about her co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, with whom she starred in the 1993 hit “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” (more…)

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Added pictures of last night on Tribeca Festival. Juliette was promoting “Metropia” and also attended the Metropia Cocktail. And there’s a CUTE portrait done for Metropia with Alexander Skarsgård, and director Tarik Saleh.

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PHOTOSHOOTS > Set #050 (updated with HQ sized thanks to awesome Flor!)

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I’m working in update the gallery, so be sure to back today later!

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UNIQUE: “I … like something that’s always a little amiss,” Juliette Lewis says. (Stuart Pettican)

LA Times bring us with an amazing interview with Juliette, done on backstage at the Greek Theatre. Read some excerpts:

Backstage at the Greek Theatre, Juliette Lewis is one hot mess. After opening for the Pretenders and Cat Power, the singer-actress’ dark, choppy hair clings damply to her neck; smeared glitter eye shadow sparkles on her cheeks; and the toe of one boot (black with vaguely Victorian gold buttons up the sides) is held together with tape. The centerpiece of her ensemble — a red, single-sleeved romper made of metallic Lycra and sequins with a regal plume of feathers at one shoulder — looks like the result of a collision between Mötley Crüe and the Moulin Rouge.

It’s hard to say who, exactly, she most resembles: the pout and smudged eyeliner are pure Mick Jagger, the feathers are a bit Brian Eno and Lewis herself name-checks Mad Max. One thing for sure: She looks like a rock star should.

“I finally got a real stylist!”

You can read the full interview here at LA Times