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Hollywood film star and rock chick JULIETTE LEWIS paid a stunning visit to Morecambe last week to play a gig at Morecambe Library, of all places. Our reporter LAUREN HOLDEN met the star of ‘Natural Born Killers’ and ‘From Dusk ‘Til Dawn’ in this unusual setting
THE rain is beating down and it’s over an hour until doors open but already swarms of eager fans are huddled outside Morecambe Library.

And they’re not waiting to check out the latest Harry Potter book.

Tonight in Morecambe, one of Hollywood’s finest will be performing live and it’s without a doubt the hottest ticket in town.

Announced only a fortnight ago, the ‘Get it Loud in Libraries’ gig will see A-Lister Juliette Lewis (known for her roles in Natural Born Killers and Cape Fear) perform on the humble library stage.
Arriving at the venue, Juliette shows few signs of her celebrity status, happily posing for photographs before being whisked off for a sound check.

Such is the rock ‘n’ roll life. Juliette has barely touched down on Morecambe soil after a gruelling journey from America, when she’s thrust into the media spotlight.

“I’ve been thinking about this show for weeks actually,” she enthuses.
“Just the idea of having a rock ‘n’ show in a library is very funny. I love it. And this library’s really beautiful.”

Having ‘prepared herself’ by watching online clips of Lancaster Library’s ‘Get it Loud’ gigs, Juliette is eager to take to the stage later.

“I saw a film of one of these gigs and it sounded incredible, “she explained.

“That’s what you want to know as a musician – that it’s gonna sound good.

“The sound is pretty massive. It’s bigger and more rocking than some little rock clubs.”

But, believe it or not, it’s not the only ‘unusual’ location that Juliette has played in.

“You wouldn’t believe where I’ve played – I’ve played a casino, on a boat in Amsterdam, even a lunch cafeteria in a school.
“I love doing anything new and untried because that’s what I’ve been doing on this little rock and roll journey.

“I really love all these peculiar places – it’s one of my favourite aspects of touring.”

That said, she’s quick to admit she hasn’t set foot inside a library for “a very long time”, let alone performed in one.
“I can’t even remember when I checked a book out of a library,” she says.
“Recently, I picked my mum up from a library – but I was only in the parking lot. That doesn’t count.

“I hope libraries are not a dying medium, because it’s kind of nice.”
With new album, ‘Terra Incognita’ out in September this year, Juliette is keen to give fans in Morecambe a taster of her material and makes it clear her musical career is no hobby.

“I think after five years, three records and touring the globe three or four times, you could say I’m very serious about this.

“The music is a very personal endeavour in that I oversee everything, from the cover art of the albums, leading my band and the lyrics. It’s very fulfilling.

“Now, when I do movies I’m like: ‘phew’ – and it gets kind of boring very quickly.

“For the first couple of weeks I’m like: ‘wow, this is easy breezy’ and I can sort of relax, as I’m not the boss, or making business decisions.

“But I love the whole process (of making music) and I love writing the songs. ‘Terra Incognita’ is a proper record. The sounds are a bit different – the guitar’s more atmospheric and strange and it’s less straight up rock and roll. I’m kind of happy with the set.”
It’s certainly clear Juliette’s raring to go.

“I’m expecting to turn everybody into 10-year-olds (tonight), where they wanna rip the books off the shelves – but we’re not going to.”

Playing to a relatively small crowd in a tiny seaside resort is undoubtedly a far cry from Juliette’s star studded life, but it’s clear from the off that she’s very much looking forward to the show.

“(I love) that connection with people. It’s really special and deep and I think music is spiritual – I love it.”

Such is Juliette’s commitment to the band, she’s even had to turn down the odd film role.

“At the very beginning I did (turn down roles) a lot, as I wanted to tour like any young band would tour.

“I only had Christmas and a couple of weekends off, but I was happy to do that.

“I made movies for 15 years, you know. I have done some movies recently, but I really wanted to take care of the music and the band and find my audience.”

For now, though, Juliette’s audience is right here in Morecambe and by the look of things, she couldn’t have hoped for a better one.

When she arrives on stage just before 9pm (following a fantastic support set by Brighton’s Telegraphs), Juliette’s all smiles as she’s greeted by her adoring fans.

Sporting skin-tight trousers, silver top and black fingerless gloves, she swaggers about the stage, leaping into the throng, high-fiving the audience and planting kisses on unsuspecting fans.

“Has anyone played here before?” she asks.

“Only me? That’s what I like to hear!”

Joking that we’re ‘in detention’, Juliette shouts: “I think we all got a bit misty-eyed up here, but we put some energy back into these books” before thanking Morecambe for their hospitality.

“Thanks for having me! I love the name, Morecambe. It sounds Medieval, right?”

Later, Juliette and her band stick around to sign autographs and pose for photos.

Nineteen-year-old Lizzy Nicholson and 23-year-old Jenny Woodhouse have been manning Juliette’s merchandise stall.

“It was a really good gig,” says Lizzy, “It’s a shame some people missed it because it was amazing!”

Jenny adds: “It was really energetic and everyone was enjoying themselves. It was so fun.”

David Crossley from Ulverston was one of the lucky few to be kissed by Juliette. “Did you see that?,” he asks.

“It was amazing, fully exhilarating. I’m going to marry the bass player and stalk the band to Italy.”

Stewart Parsons, organiser of Get it Loud in Libraries is thrilled with the night.

“Juliette Lewis delivered glamour, class and great rock ‘n’ roll that showcased what Get it Loud is all about”, he beams.

“It’s all about giving people in a library a great time and making libraries irresistible.”

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Q&A: Juliette Lewis

When actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis formed her band Juliette and the Licks five years ago, it was as an attempt to bare her soul and have fun exploring music after so many years of focusing on film. But earlier this spring, Lewis announced on her MySpace page the Licks are no more, and that she’ll be going it solo for her upcoming album, Terra Incognita. After talking to FILTER about the most influential films and albums in her life, Lewis took some time to discuss her new musical direction and what listeners can expect on her debut solo record, due out in September.

Earlier this spring, you announced the end of Juliette Lewis and the Licks and a new start as simply “Juliette Lewis.” What prompted the switch?

When I got the Licks off the ground five years ago, I allowed myself to not over-think music, to not be precious, but spit out what I was feeling at the time. The music was very no-nonsense and guitar-driven. And then I stopped and asked myself, “Am I ready to be more revealing, and to discover melody?” I wanted to write songs that were more dynamic and didn’t hang on guitar riffs all the time. It’s an evolution.

I come from a place of discontentment and hunger as an artist, so I’m rarely satisfied. Also, I’m an independent artist. I’m not a radio artist, I’m not on a major label, and all the odds are stacked against me anyway. So I’ve got nothing to lose if I explore my own musical hunger and journey.

What can listeners expect on this record, versus your past work? Where have you taken your style?

Well, it’s not some vast departure of the groove and rock and roll I’ve brought to the equation before. That’s all there, and it’s definitely in our live show, but the sound and the groove has expanded. There’s more drama. I also finally wrote a blues song, which I’ve always wanted to write. I guess you could expect more peaks and valleys, and a really killer band. And some sparkly pants here and there.

You’re starting a tour in August with The Pretenders and Cat Power. How did you get hooked up into that lineup?

How amazing is that? I am so excited and beside myself. You submit yourself as an opener and the band checks it out and then they approve you. It was a real organic thing. I don’t know either of those artists personally, and I just couldn’t be happier. I think it’s going to be a killer lineup, and the type where people should come out and be ready for a whole night’s experience. This is a lineup you want to come real early for…and then you can see my band. [Laughs]

Maybe this isn’t a fair question to ask, but what do you find yourself more passionate about – movies or music?

Anything I’m doing at the time, I’m willing to shed my skin for. So if I’m in a movie, I want to give the most in that moment. It’s about total surrender for me, making things as honest as possible. When I’m writing and performing live, it’s the same way. But I had done movies for 15 years and because I wasn’t exploring the passion of songwriting and performing live, it was building in me like a volcano. So now that I’ve done music for a good five years, I can do movies with relish and a new love. Maybe what’s more personal is the music because I have a part in everything: the merch design, the track listings, the songwriting, the live shows. So it’s all an extension of me. It’s a different experience.

For more info on Lewis’ film and music endeavors, check out her MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/juliettelewis

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First Trailer for Barrymore’s ‘Whip It’

The trailer for Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, Whip It! has premiered over at Yahoo! Movies today and I think I’m going to give up film blogging and join the roller derby. I’ve always wanted to see a girl-oriented sports movie, and while my dreams were always pinned on ice hockey, anything on skates works for me!

Ellen Page plays Bliss Cavender, who rebels against her conservative, beauty-pageant loving parents to become a badass chick of the roller derby. She becomes a proud member of The Hurl Scouts, and does some fine elbow hits alongside Smashley Simpson (Barrymore), Dinah Might (Juliette Lewis), and Malice in Wonderland (Kristen Wiig). It looks like a fun combination of an athletic underdog story and coming of age tale, with some healthy dashes of romance and girl power for color. Plus the hair and make-up rocks!

Check out the trailer embed after the jump. Whip It! hits theaters on October 9, and I sincerely hope that it’s the first of many directorial gigs for Ms. Barrymore. It looks like she’s got a winner her first time out.

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Juliette Lewis transformed library in Lancashire with rock gig

Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis transformed a library in Lancashire by performing a rock gig.

The 36-year-old star put on the planned performance at Morecambe Library in Lancashire as part of a campaign to get more youngsters into the library.

The actress-turned-singer sported sequinned shoulder pads, sparkling gloves and a glittering vest for the show.

A stage was set up in between the Talking Book section and the DVD area with a mixing desk in front of the Large Fiction A-Z with space made in the middle for 200 fans.

The performance was part of the Get It Loud In Libraries initiative run by Lancashire County Council for the last four years.

Lewis said: “I’ve been thinking about this show for weeks actually. Just the idea of having a rock’n’roll show in a library is very funny. It’s doing what you’re supposed to do, making noise in quiet places. I love it.”

Stewart Parsons, the manager of Get It Loud In Libraries, said: “It’s very jumpers for goalposts, as you can see. You are budging huge shelves of large print out of the way to accommodate speakers, monitors and Marshall amps.”

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Juliette Lewis and The New Romantiques – Fantasy Bar

One of our idols in life, music and art is none other than the razor-tongued Juliette Lewis. Whether she is acting like a murderous lunatic, rocking out on stage or simply acting a fool for our enjoyment, we dig everything and anything about JLew.

Today, we’re treated to a new vlog from Ms. Lewis; one that gives details on the new album with her reformed band as The New Romantiques, sees her rifle through vinyl, flashback to a young teenaged self and dance to a long lost disco treat. Check it out below.

Juliette Lewis storms through NYC on August 10 at SummerStage, opening for The Pretenders and Cat Power. Buy your tickets here. Terra Incognita comes out later this summer.

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First Photos from Drew Barrymore’s ‘Whip It!’

The first official photos from Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut project, ‘Whip It!’, uncover Barrymore, Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig and Juliette Lewis in their roller derby characters.

USA Today has published the first set of photos from Fox Searchlight’s “Whip It!”. Providing a peek at how the cast will be seen in the movie, the pictures give out Drew Barrymore as Smashley Simpson, Ellen Page as Babe Ruthless, Kristen Wiig as Maggie Mayhem and Juliette Lewis as the villain Iron Maven.

Seven of the eight images expose captures from the new roller-derby comedy. Some of the photos display an individual shot of several cast members, while one is a group shot of the good team Hurl Scouts and another one sees few of the baddie team Holy Rollers. Aside from the seven pics, USA Today has also included one photo of Drew getting herself behind the camera and directing.

In the article accompanying the photos, the publication let out its interview with Drew who is making her directing debut through this project. “I’ve been putting everything into a piggy bank, whether it was working with a filmmaker or going to a museum or listening to a certain song,” she was quoted saying. “Everything I’ve learned throughout my whole life has been going into this piggy bank, and I just smashed it all over the floor for this one.”

“Whip It!” is an adaptation film based on Shauna Cross’ novel “Derby Girl”. It tells the story of Bliss Cavendar, a misfit 17-year-old girl who is often forced by her mother to enter beauty pageants. Rebelling from her mother’s will, she joins an underworld roller derby league under the name of Babe Ruthless and discovers her true self along the way.

Aside from Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig and Juliette Lewis, the Fox Searchlight Pictures movie also sees Marcia Gay Harden and Zoe Bell among the cast ensemble. It will roll its way into U.S. theaters October 9.

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• Movie Productions: Whip It – Movie Stills

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