Juliette performs at the DirecTV Live showcase

Rolling Stone’s Saturday afternoon showcase at Peckerheads went from a sweaty affair to a sweltering one as singer-actress Juliette Lewis hit the stage with her new band, the New Romantiques, to run through material from her upcoming disc, Terra Incognita. As Lewis told RS backstage, she wanted to step out from behind the power riffs of her previous band, the Licks, and embrace a sound where guitars were more of an atmospheric backdrop for songs teaming with raw emotion. (The Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez became her collaborator after the two met at a festival and talked Fellini films). “Holy shit, I feel like we’re in my living room,” she exclaimed after ending her opening song, “Romeo,” a dark and mysterious number, with a piercingly epic note. “In the closet of my soul.” Continue Reading →

Juliette books first shows with new band

Juliette Lewis has revealed her latest musical endeavor, dubbed Juliette and the New Romantiques.

Lewis and her newly minted crew will kick off a string of live festival gigs with a performance March 18 at this year’s SXSW in Austin, TX, followed by a stop at San Diego’s IndieFest V March 28 before heading off for a two-night stand June 5-6 at Germany’s Rock Am Ring Festival. Itinerary details are below.

The actress and rock frontwoman–who in mid-January ended her seven-year run with her previous band, The Licks–also announced that an impending album, “Terra Incognita,” is in the pipeline, which new group’s MySpace page listed only as “coming soon.”

The songstress commented on her MySpace blog, “This new incarnation is more about disillusionment and hope. Determination and despair. Romance and tragedy. And truly creating music that comes from those conflicts. It is more about a sound and energy than a ‘band’.”

Introducing “Juliette and the New Romantiques”

Forget The Licks – actress/rocker Juliette Lewis’ new sidekicks are called the New Romantiques.

After announcing in mid-January on Juliette and The Licks’ MySpace page blog that the “Licks are no more. It is the end of our run … For now,” this week Lewis announced the new band’s name, along with new shows and a new Web page.

Lewis explained her new album, Terra Incognita, which is set for release this spring and was produced by Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez, called for a new name for her band.

“Because this album is so sonically different than anything I’ve done before and captures many flavors of my emotional life and voice, it needed an entirely new name,” she said of Juliette and the New Romantiques.

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Check out Juliette and the New Romantiques’ MySpace page as well as new tunes by the band here.

To read the Lewis’ full blog post click here.

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