Metropia at Tribeca Festival

Added pictures of last night on Tribeca Festival. Juliette was promoting “Metropia” and also attended the Metropia Cocktail. And there’s a CUTE portrait done for Metropia with Alexander Skarsgård, and director Tarik Saleh.

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Fantasy fashion dazzles Juliette Lewis

UNIQUE: “I … like something that’s always a little amiss,” Juliette Lewis says. (Stuart Pettican)

LA Times bring us with an amazing interview with Juliette, done on backstage at the Greek Theatre. Read some excerpts:

Backstage at the Greek Theatre, Juliette Lewis is one hot mess. After opening for the Pretenders and Cat Power, the singer-actress’ dark, choppy hair clings damply to her neck; smeared glitter eye shadow sparkles on her cheeks; and the toe of one boot (black with vaguely Victorian gold buttons up the sides) is held together with tape. The centerpiece of her ensemble — a red, single-sleeved romper made of metallic Lycra and sequins with a regal plume of feathers at one shoulder — looks like the result of a collision between Mötley Crüe and the Moulin Rouge.

It’s hard to say who, exactly, she most resembles: the pout and smudged eyeliner are pure Mick Jagger, the feathers are a bit Brian Eno and Lewis herself name-checks Mad Max. One thing for sure: She looks like a rock star should.

“I finally got a real stylist!”

You can read the full interview here at LA Times

TIFF Whip it! screening

Another small update, Juliette attended yesterday the “Whip It!” screening at Toronto International Film Festival, currently being placed in Toronto, Canada. I’ve added the fist batch of pictures, all in MQ, but I promise to add more later.

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